Welsh Open Stoneskimming Championships


    Sponsored by the Heart of Wales Brewery, Llanwrtyd Wells.

    Unlike Bog Snorkelling, almost everyone has skimmed a stone at some stage of their life. "Ducks & Drakes" for the British; "Ricochets" for the French & "Letting the Frogs out" for the Ukrainians are just a few of the names for...

    The Whole Earth Man vs Horse Marathon



    (The Reserve list is currently full so we cannot accept any further rider entries, Sorry)


    Any further entries will not be able to take part in this year's race, and will have their entry fee refunded.

    The Man v Horse Marathon...

    Drovers' Walks


    These walks follow in the footsteps of the Drovers of old who used to drive their sheep, cattle, pigs and geese across the mountains to the market towns of England. There is a choice of distances, 10 15 or 25 miles, through the beautiful summer countryside around Llanwrtyd Wells, using...

    Red Kite Bash & Cider Cycle

    07/08/2015 - 09/08/2015

    Following the success of the 2014 Summer Cider Cycle last August, it is now definitely a permanent event in the Green Events and Llanwrtyd Wells calendar. Once again we will be combining it as part of the Annual Red Kite Bash which has taken place in Llanwrtyd since the 1980s,...

    Mountain Bike Bogsnorkelling


    If you think that ordinary bogsnorkelling is just a bit tame for you, then how about trying your luck at riding a mountain bike along the bottom of a 6ft deep water-filled trench cut through the local Waen Rhydd bog!

    The bike used is specially prepared with a lead filled frame...