Mountain Bike Bogsnorkelling


    If you think that ordinary bogsnorkelling is just a bit tame for you, then how about trying your luck at riding a mountain bike along the bottom of a 6ft deep water-filled trench cut through the local Waen Rhydd bog!

    The bike used is specially prepared with a lead filled frame...

    Bogsnorkelling Triathlon


    The Bog Triathlon first ran in 2005, following a demand for more dirty fun around our famous Waen Rhydd Bog.

    The event - the most unusual in the Triathlon calendar, starts with an 8 mile run followed by 2 lengths of the 60 yard peat bog trench and then a 12...

    Corinthian Mountain Bike Chariot Championships


    As part of the biannual World Alternative Games, we will be holding a second Mountain Bike Chariot Racing Championships in 2014. This will follow the same format as the World Championships held in January, but hopefully without the snow and freezing temperatures. So if you did not feel brave enough...

    Hooper's World Bogsnorkelling Championships

    24/08/2014 - 17/08/2014

    Sunday 24th August 2014 sees the 29th World Bog Snorkelling Championships, held annually in Llanwrtyd Wells, and this year once again it is part of the World Alternative Games. We would like to welcome on board Hooper's as main sponsors of this year's event, and look forward to working with...

    Welsh International Four Days' Walks

    17/09/2014 - 20/09/2014

    The aims of the walks are to provide a focal point for people who enjoy walking, encourage physical activity, provide a challenge and show off some of the most picturesque countryside surrounding Llanwrtyd Wells . The Festival is non-competitive and a qualifying events towards the award scheme promoted by the...