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Mountain Bike Bogsnorkelling


***Unfortunately due to the lack of entries for this event and the high costs of providing safety cover it is not viable, so we have had to cancel this years' event. We regret having to take this action, but hopefully there will be sufficient interest next year to go ahead with the event again.***

If you think that ordinary bogsnorkelling is just a bit tame for you, then how about trying your luck at riding a mountain bike along the bottom of a 6ft deep water-filled trench cut through the local Waen Rhydd bog!

The bike used is specially prepared with a lead filled frame and water filled tyres to ensure grip on the pond bottom. The snorkeller/cyclist wears a lead weight belt to avoid floating off the bike! Divers are on hand for safety purposes.

To check out some video footage - copy and paste this link:

Competition begins at 1pm