Rude Health Bog Triathlon
Saturday August 27th, 2022

2019 Winners

Class Name Time
Bog Triathlon Andy Watkins 2 hrs 0mins 28secs
Female Jodie Denniss 4hrs 14mins 43secs
Team Bog Babes (Sarah Wakefield, Jax Segust, Debbie James) 3hrs 8mins 9secs
Bite-Size(and first junior) Matthew Brayshaw 1hr 5mins 27secs
Bite-Size Team White'Leys'Brothers (Andy White, Richard White, David White) 1hr 16mins 47secs
Best Dressed Helmet/Fancy Dress Julie Ann Gardner - Bee

The run
The Bog Triathlon first ran in 2005, following a demand for more dirty fun around our famous Waen Rhydd Bog.
The event - the most unusual in the Triathlon calendar - starts with an 8 mile run followed by a single length of the 60 yard peat bog trench and then a 12 mile mountain bike ride. The event is open to individuals at £15 each and relay teams of three (one discipline each) at £25 per team.
Up the Garn
In order to make the events accessible to a wider audience, we have introduced a "Bite Size" Triathlon, ideal for junior competitors or those athletes who are perhaps not so dedicated to multi-discipline sports. This will comprise a 3 mile run, a 60yd bogsnorkel, and a 6 mile mountain bike ride. Again it is open to individual competitors at £12 each or relay teams of three at £20 per team, and is perfect for sampling the delights of this event without the need to be a hardened athlete.
That looks deep!
Race start time is 11am.