Rude Health Bog Triathlon
Saturday August 29th, 2020

2019 Winners

Class Name Time
Bog Triathlon Andy Watkins 2 hrs 0mins 28secs
Female Jodie Denniss 4hrs 14mins 43secs
Team Bog Babes (Sarah Wakefield, Jax Segust, Debbie James) 3hrs 8mins 9secs
Bite-Size(and first junior) Matthew Brayshaw 1hr 5mins 27secs
Bite-Size Team White'Leys'Brothers (Andy White, Richard White, David White) 1hr 16mins 47secs
Best Dressed Helmet/Fancy Dress Julie Ann Gardner - Bee

The run
The Bog Triathlon first ran in 2005, following a demand for more dirty fun around our famous Waen Rhydd Bog.
The event - the most unusual in the Triathlon calendar - starts with an 8 mile run followed by a single length of the 60 yard peat bog trench and then a 12 mile mountain bike ride. The event is open to individuals at £15 each and relay teams of three (one discipline each) at £25 per team.
Up the Garn
In order to make the events accessible to a wider audience, we have introduced a "Bite Size" Triathlon, ideal for junior competitors or those athletes who are perhaps not so dedicated to multi-discipline sports. This will comprise a 3 mile run, a 60yd bogsnorkel, and a 6 mile mountain bike ride. Again it is open to individual competitors at £12 each or relay teams of three at £20 per team, and is perfect for sampling the delights of this event without the need to be a hardened athlete.
That looks deep!
Race start time is 11am.
Who are Rude Health

Rude Health are a family-owned food and drinks brand that have been blowing peoples pyjamas off with mouthbogglingly delicious food since 2005. Quality is our mission. Flavour is our mantra. We believe that with food this good inside of you, you can do just about anything. We believe in living fast and dying old. Wild Swimming, Bog Snorkelling, The Naked Bike Ride, you name it, we've done it. Did you know the phrase to be 'in rude health' is actually an old English expression meaning up for life and bursting with energy? Is there a more 'in rude health' activity than Bog Snorkelling? No, we don't think so either. Finish it off with a bowl of porridge after, and you've got the makings of the perfect day.

You're a Bog Snorkelling fanatic.
You're no bog-standard snorkeller.
You dive in without dipping your toe in first.