Trailhead Get Jerky Devil's Staircase Ultra Trail Race

    1. All competitors must register before the start to receive their race number. Registration will be in the Neuadd Arms Hotel, will open at 07:00 and close at 08:30 on race day.
    1. Each runner will be supplied with a race number. This number MUST be displayed on the runner's front, un-mutilated and un-folded, for the entire duration of the race.
    1. Competitors must not make any attempt to prevent another competitor from overtaking on any section of the course.
    2. On public highway sections of the course runners must keep to the left hand side of the road.
    3. Competitors must not depart from the marked route. Any competitor who inadvertently deviates from the marked route must rejoin the route as close as possible to the point at which he or she left it.
    4. Competitors must not use any devices such as music players that may impede their hearing in any way.
    5. Competitors must not drop litter on the course. All marshals out on the course have rubbish bags, so hand any litter to them.
    6. Any breach of the above rules will result in disqualification.
    7. Any competitor withdrawing from the race whilst on the course must report the fact to a marshal or other official as soon as possible, stating his/her number and handing in the number. If a competitor is unable to continue to the next marshal or return to the previous one, he or she should get to the side of the route and ask the following competitor to report their withdrawal and whether or not medical assistance is required at the next checkpoint. A withdrawn competitor must remain on the course and wait for assistance to arrive.
    8. There is an overall time limit of 8½ hours for the race - it is a running event and IS NOT intended for walkers.
    1. Any conduct by any competitor, competitor's family or supporter which, in the opinion of the organizers or officials, harms the reputation of the event, the event sponsors or of Green Events Limited in any way will result in disqualification of that competitor.
    2. Any abuse, whether it be verbal, physical or of any other sort, of any organizer, official or volunteer by any competitor, competitor's family or supporter will result in disqualification of that competitor.
    1. Any appeal or protest must be lodged at the Race Control at the finish within 20 minutes of the provisional results being posted. No consideration can be given to any appeal/protest lodged after this time has elapsed. Each appeal or protest must be accompanied by a £20 fee that will be refunded if the appeal or protest is upheld.
    1. The decision of the organizers shall be final.