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Current World Record Holder (2023): Neil Rutter time: 1 min 12.34 secs


1. There are 2 bog trenches – competitors will be allocated a bog trench at the time of registration, on the day. Bog allocations are not transferable.

2. Competitors must snorkel 2 lengths of the bog (120 yards in total) and touch the post at both ends.

3. The turn post must be touched above the water level.

4. There are no rest times allowed for in the timing.

5. A competitor who, at the discretion of the timekeeper, takes too long to complete the first length of 60 yds will be asked to leave the bog by the timekeeper at the end of the first length.

6. Doggy paddle with arms is the only stroke allowable.

7. No other recognised swimming strokes are permitted.

8. Competitors must provide their own snorkels, masks & flippers

9. Fins may be used. But no mono-fins.

10. Webbed gloves or similar are not permitted.

11. Competitors must swim with their faces in the water, using the snorkel to breathe; occasional 'looks' to correct direction are allowed.

12. Juniors 14-15 years must have parental presence and consent.

13. It will be considered a ‘tie’ if the fastest two snorkelers are within 0.5 seconds of each other. In the event of a tie, we will hold a ‘bog-off’ after the last snorkeler of the day has completed their swim. These 2 (or more) competitors will be asked to complete a timed swim again.

14. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify anyone, or disallow entry to the bog to anyone, who they feel is under the influence of alcohol or other substances and would therefore be at risk.

15. Categories:

Male Champion, Male 2nd, Male 3rd

Female Champion, Female 2nd, Female 3rd

Male over 50s 1st

Female over 50s 1st

Junior Male 1st

Junior Female 1st

Local Male 1st

Local Female 1st

Local Junior 1st

Fancy Dress (costume) 1st, 2nd, 3rd

16. Fancy Dress optional but encouraged!

17. The organisers decisions are final. Should you wish to appeal against a decision you may do so in writing to

Green Events Ltd within 1 week of the event

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