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Bogathlon 2024 Rules

Competiton Rules

1. The bogathlon will consist of a 60yd bog swim (one length of the bog), a two mile (approx) bike ride, and a one mile (approx) run. NB there will be mud and water involved in all 3 disciplines!

2. Timing will start when competitors start the bog swim and continue until the end of the run. The clock will keep timing you during the transitions from bog to bike, and from bike to run. There are no rest times allowed for in the timing.

3. One competitor will be started every 3 minutes (similar to a cycle time trial). Most of the run and bike ride will be visible from the bog field. Spectators can easily get between key viewing points.

4. Any swimming stroke is permissible – flippers/fins not allowed

5. Competitors are expected to provide their own cycle (a limited number of rental bikes will be available on the day, please book in advance – email – we can also accommodate some competitors sharing a bike by making sure the sharers start far enough apart).

6. Webbed gloves or similar are not permitted.

7. Juniors 14-15 years must have parental presence and consent.

8. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify anyone or disallow entry to the event to anyone who they feel is under the influence of alcohol or other substances and would therefore be at risk.

9. The organisers decisions are final. Should you wish to appeal against a decision you may do so in writing to Green Events Ltd within 1 week of the event

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