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Welsh Open Stone Skimming Rules

A "Qualifying" stone is one which bounces at least twice (3 splashes) within the marker lanes.

A "No -Stone" is one that fails either or both of the above.

The distance achieved is measured to the last point of contact of the stone with the water surface (sinks) withing the marker lanesor at the point where it departs the lanes. (Measurement in metres).

Competitors may bring and use their own stones (natural stone)or those provided by the organisers. Provide stones to be natural r of approved synthetics. 

There should be no limit to the size of stone favoured by individual competitors.

Each attempt should comprise of 5 stones.

Multiple attempts may be purchased if time allows.

In the event that a competitor wishes to make further attempts at a later stage all approprite details should be re-entered, a new number and ticket issued and the appropriate fee collected.

The result in each category will be based on the longest single throw by each competitor.

At the conclusion of the main body of competition (at a time to be stated) the top five competitors in each of the  youth and adult categories will be invited to participate in a "Toss-Off." This should take the form of an additional attempts to be taken in rotation within each category.

The decision of the judges to be final.

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